Begging for help

Today our coworker Doro and I went to Sheba Medical Center to visit little Racheal. Originally Racheal was planned to have a catheterization today, but after her blood pressure dropped very abruptly and the doctors had to increase her medicine, they decided that she is too unstable for a catheterization.

When we talked to the doctor he said that Rachel is right now “stable in her instability.”
She is still in a really critical condition and if Rachel will get worse in the next few days the doctors will most likely put her on an ECMO ( a machine that does the work of the heart and the lungs to let them rest).

Racheal’s mother is also struggling, as it is very hard for her to see her daughter like this. Today she was holding her daughter’s hand and shouting to God, begging for help.

That’s what I want to encourage you to do as well. Pray. Please pray for healing for Rachel, for strength for the doctors and for power for the mother.