Beginning his journey of healing

Baby Yazen is a week old baby boy from Gaza. His journey to Israel was a difficult one. He traveled via ICU Ambulance, but needed to stop at Barzilai Hospital, close to the Erez Border, as he was not stable enough to safely complete the journey directly to Sheba hospital.

Yazen did later arrive at Sheba, thankfully, and was immediately taken up to the ICU.

His grandmother traveled with him. We found her sitting in the waiting room and praying. We learned that she is Yazen’s paternal grandmother. Yazen is her son’s firstborn son, there are three older sisters. Although they are a big family, Yazen’s grandmother has never experienced anything like today before. Yazen is the only family member with a heart condition, and like most of us, she has never traveled through the Erez border crossing in an emergency ambulance, which needed to stop to stabilise the baby en route – all this whilst surrounded by a foreign language. We thanked God together for the miracle that she’d made it here, and now only needs to stay next to the baby. I tried to reassure her that she won’t need to do anything alone, and that there are people who will help her here, as well as many many Arabic speaking doctors and nurses.

Yazen was ready for us to see. As we approached his room, his grandmother seemed a little nervous to step inside. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how overwhelming the many machines surrounding a tiny baby can seem. The nurse looking after Yazen explained to his grandmother that he is in a stable condition, and that the doctors would meet to discuss his situation and see what intervention was necessary to help him.

Please pray for Yazen, whom we hope is beginning his journey of healing.