Beginning Mohaned’s physical therapy

Little Mohaned is resting peacefully in the photo above. I thank God for arranging these physiotherapy appointments, as with previous children, it has been extremely difficult to be able to organise anything without the kind help from the receptionist of the cardiology department. But in this instance, God has opened the door with ease to be able to come every other day, without any appointment, at a time which is convenient for us. It is a huge blessing! Praise God for his favour with Mohaned.

The physiotherapist was very kind to explain that the purpose of today’s appointment is to carry out some assessments to see which type of therapy Mohaned will require. With his diagnosis of PCD, it has been determined that he does not have functioning cilia which should move mucus from the airways. Therapy will help him. He will need therapy for his whole life, but it is very possible for the family to carry it out once they know how.

Baby Mohaned is already receiving inhalations at home every day, and of course having a mask placed onto his face does not get any easier, so the session today was very upsetting for him. It required the use of a machine with a mask, and pressure onto his chest, so it was quite a distressing time.

The therapist quickly decided on a good plan for Mohaned, and he will order a piece of equipment to use in the coming sessions.

We will be going many times a week, and so please pray for strength for his beautiful kind grandma.