Being old friends

It had been a while since I’ve seen Ziad and his mum, so today was a really good time to be with them again. I’ve really missed them.

I’ve heard that translation has a lot to do with relationship as well as the knowledge of linguistics, and that when a relationship is established, communication is clearer and easier. I thought of that today as we were talking. My Arabic isn’t fluent, maybe proficient at best, and I also speak as a foreigner, often unable to pronounce specific vowels in the Arabic alphabet,  but in all we talked about today, she understood me and I her. It is like being with an old  friend.

Ziad was awake and alert. He will have surgery for his Hirschsprung’s disease next week, which is great because initially it was scheduled for the end of July!

Please continue to pray for this precious family. They’ve been in the hospital for over two months and still his mother has a beautiful disposition. I’m praying that there are no complications after this next surgery and he can be discharged soon after.  Would you join with me in praying for this also?