Bella’s Second Echo

As we were in the echo room today Bella’s mum and I both became aware that our high expectations of the outcome of the appointment today might not be met. There was a bit of hesitation during the echo from the doctor and then some phone calls made to colleagues to discuss next steps. This of course was all in Hebrew so mum and I looked to each other trying to work out what exactly was going on.

Bella has indication of stenosis. This is not particularly unexpected in Bella’s case and would not necessarily require immediate intervention if Bella lived in Israel. However, due to Bella hopefully returning to Kurdistan soon the medical team want to make sure that they have done all they can to help her heart as she will not be able to access the level care at home. Bella will now need to wait for a CT scan of her heart and may require catheterisation or a surgery prior to being discharged from hospital.

Please pray for mum today as she i s naturally very sad and disappointed. Please pray for Bella’s complete healing.