“Bexherbe la mali Jaffa” (Welcome to our house in Jaffa)

Today when Alena and I visited cute Ahmed, we found him happily sitting on his bed and busy playing with Play-Doh. He didn’t even want to look into my Camera for a short moment, to get his picture taken. He is doing very well and therefore we were really happy when a doctor told us that he can be discharged to our Community home in Jaffa today.

So we welcomed him home to Jaffa, with having a small welcoming party. He was really happy and so was his mother, after being in the hospital for twenty days now after Ahmed has had his surgery. He still has the fluid around his lungs but the hospital discharged him with a medicine in order to help dealing with this issue.

Please be praying that the medicine is helping him and that he doesn’t need any other treatment in order to help it.