Big day for a little girl

Today was surgery day for our little Ghena. It was a difficult and a long surgery. The whole procedure took about six hours. When I arrived at Sheba Medical Center, little Ghena was already four hours into her surgery. Her grandmother saw and greeted us. This grandmother is one of the strongest woman that I’ve met so far at Shevet because she was very calm during the whole surgery. She was a bit busy by talking to her daughter, Ghena’s mother, on the phone.

After around six hours, the doctor came out and told us that the surgery is done and it will take some time to close her chest. They did place a pacemaker in little Ghena. The grandmother was very happy to hear that.

After half an hour little Ghena came out of the surgery and we went to the ICU together with her. There the doctors told us to wait outside because they wanted to stabilize her.  After an hour, they still didn’t tell us to come inside. So we went and looked from a distance. We could see a lot of doctors and nurses staying around Ghena. I looked at the grandma because I thought maybe she would be shocked about it and start to cry because obviously there wasn’t everything going well with little Ghena yet. But as I looked at grandmother, she just looked tired and a little bit worried.

I told her please go outside and I will ask one doctor what’s going on. So I did and he told me that little Ghena is in a critical condition and that they are trying to stabilize her. It took them two more hours which felt like eternity, but thank the God they managed to stabilize the tiny little Ghena. The grandmother was pleased about it as well.

But during the next 48 hours, our little Ghena is in a critical condition, so your prayers are much appreciated.