Big day for little Ayda

This morning, Ayda went into her surgery at Sheba hospital. After around four hours one of the friendly doctors came out and told us that the surgery is over and was successful. Ayda’s mother was extremely happy and thankful when she heard this. It took them maybe another hour until they brought her out of the surgery room.

I spent the waiting time together with her mother, to get to know her more. She is a really nice lady and was doing very well during the whole time but she also shared that she is worried for her beloved daughter and the surgery. She is genuinely a very happy woman. We were also joined by some other mothers from Gaza and by co-workers Amar and Margarita.

It was a nice time that we spent together.  Ayda’s mother was happy to finally see her lovely daughter and invited me to eat something with her, sharing that she couldn’t eat something during the surgery time because she was thinking so much about Ayda. So we ate something together and it was nice to see how she changed in her attitude afterwards.

Thank God that the surgery was successful. Please pray for a good recovery now for our little baby girl Ayda.