Big day for little “Ezz”

Ezzeldin’s lovely grandmother frequently calls Ezzeldin “Ezz.”  It’s a cute nickname for him and it shows that she loves her grandson a lot and cares for him in a great way. Today was the big day for the little boy as he had his surgery at Sheba hospital to switch his great arteries.

During the procedure, Ezzeldin’s grandmother was very pleasant. She expressed several times how thankful she is to God and to the medical staff at Sheba and that she had the opportunity to receive help through Shevet Achim. It was very nice to hear that and to know how thankful she is.

The surgery for Ezz went well, thank God. We are thankful “Ezz” has had his precious little life extended through this surgery at the skillful hands of the physicians and staff at Sheba, and by the grace and mercy of our Creator.

Please join us in prayer that Ezzeldin may recover well now and for their time in the hospital to be fruitful.