Big day for little Hadeel

Beautiful Hadeel had her first surgery today. It was the smaller surgery to prepare her heart for the switch surgery. Even though it was the smaller procedure, it was quite a big one for this little girl, taking three hours. Hadeel’s father managed the time better when joined in the waiting room by another Kurdish father,  which was time well spent.

After the surgery, one of the surgeons, with a smile on his face, came out to tell us the good news that the surgery went well. When Hadeel’s father heard this, he was very happy. He really loves Hadeel which was very clear during our waiting time. He also has another daughter waiting for him back in Kurdistan and was very proud to show us some pictures of her.

Doctors needed another hour after surgery to close Hadeel’s chest. Then she was brought to the pediatric ICU.  We waited just a bit more while busy staff made up Hadeel’s room and got it ready. At that point, Hadeel’s father was able to go to his daughter and was very happy about that.

Please pray for little Hadeel to recover well now from her first surgery, and also that there won’t be any hurdles preventing a timely second surgery.