Big Day for Zinar

When we stepped into his room this morning, he turned his back on us as he wasn’t really in the mood to talk. Everything was quite calm and peaceful however you could also feel the nervousness in the room. Zinar was just so brave when we walked to the “pre-surgery room”. You could see the pain in his face as they drew blood but he didn’t make a noise.

After he had left for his surgery his mum burst into tears. Thankfully, three friends of Birhat’s mum came, brought some soft drinks and cookies and talked with her whilst we waited so that Zinar’s mum was a little distracted.
Finally after four hours, the doctor came to tell us that everything went well, that they were able to place the valve and open the stent. Praise God!

Nevertheless I felt so sad when I saw him, laying there on the bed with the tube in his mouth, thinking of the happy Zinar who runs with our dog Shevi across the meadow to catch the birds. Let’s pray that he will soon get his strength back. Thank you God so much that you heard our prayers and that the surgery went well!