Big Decisions

Today we took our beautiful Saida to the hospital for a follow-up with his cardiologist. I was really hoping that Saida had grown these last two weeks and also mom was really anxious for this appointment. He is really a sweet and handsome boy.

When we arrived to the hospital they performed an ECG and an echo, and checked vital signs. He was very brave and such a good boy; he didn’t cry in any of these procedures. After that the doctor came and checked him. I was very happy that our translator was able to explain everything to mom and asked all the questions to the doctor that mom wanted. We spent a long time with the doctor discussingĀ  Saida because he has a really complex heart and he needs a big surgery. However he needs to gain enough weight to have a safe surgery. Doctor gave to mom some recommendations but we really don’t know how long it will take. In two weeks he has gained around 270 grams.

Doctor was very happy that his ECG showed that he doesn’t have arrhythmia anymore. This issue was fixed when he arrived to Israel as an emergency baby. Mom was really sad when she heard thatĀ  he needs to gain more weight. He needs to go to the hospital next week to check his weight again and in two weeks he will have an appointment with the nutritionist. Please pray for Mom and Dad – for peace in their hearts and for wisdom to make the best decision about whether to stay here until he has enough weight to have his surgery or maybe return to Kurdistan and wait there. Also pray for Saida for a miracle in his little and beautiful life.