Big surgery for a little baby

I arrived to the room of Huda just before she was wheeled into the surgery room. Mum was quietly stead throughout the whole experience, and after wiping away a couple of tears, she declared that God knows best, and is in control of the situation; “Xhua gawrea.”

And with that, we began the hours of waiting. Huda appears to have captured the hearts of many people, as there were many emotional messages of support coming in from across the world! Huda’s mum was joined by other “Shevet Achim” families, both Kurdish and Gazan, all familiar and expectant of the surgery process.

After five hours or so, Huda was rolled out of the surgery room enroute to the ICU, with her mother rushing behind as they squeezed past an Orthodox Jewish young man in the hallway:

One of the doctors happily remembered the Kurdish word “bash” (good), amongst the happy news that the surgery had been a success to switch Huda’s great arteries, and close two holes in the heart.

Huda’s mum was delighted to see her daughter, and the large group of us hurried upstairs to the ICU. Huda was set up in her room after a fairly short amount of time, and mum was able to peer with joy and interest at her baby.

Please pray that Huda continues to be stable and recover well for the next 24 hours.