Big surgery for Khanda

Lovely Khanda was taken into surgery at 10 a.m. today. The arterial switch surgery was completed successfully, thank God. The doctor took the time to tell Khanda’s grandma how it had been successful, which was very kind of him. She raised her hands to heaven and thanked God and the doctor over and over again, and kissed the doctor’s hand, such was her relief and gratitude for the good news of Khanda.
Her grandma was emotional at the beginning of surgery, but I think drew strength from having various people around her. She is easy and enjoyable to spend time with, and she has a fun sense of humour. Despite currently fasting for Ramadan, Khanda’s grandma wanted to talk about Kurdish food. We hope to have Shabbat dinner with the families who are finishing quarantine. Khanda’s mom, who must be in hospital now with her daughter, is really longing for Kurdish rice and Kurdish fasoolia soup.
It was difficult to stabilise her at the beginning after being placed in her room, as we heard. The blood pressure was very low, but thank God for the medical staff, equipment and medications available.  Khanda was eventually stabilised and her grandma was able to be at her side.
Please pray for these critical twenty-four hours following this big surgery.
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