Big Surgery for Little Baby

Thank you for your prayers for Abdulsalam! With tears in her eyes, the grandma let her little boy go to the operation. The surgery was supposed to take 5 hours, but finally ended after almost 9 and a half hours of hard work by the surgeons. During the operation they had to put Abdulsalam on a cardiopulmonary bypass machine, this is why the surgery took 4 hours longer than expected. This special machine helps maintain circulation and oxygenation of the blood while the surgeons fix the heart.

In the beginning the grandmother was in a good mood and she was carefully surrounded by her friends from the hospital that patiently stayed by her side even when the surgery took longer and longer and the mood deteriorated. We were all very happy and relieved to hear from the 8 day-old boy after this long operation! Praise God that Abdulsalam is doing well! Please keep praying for this lovely grandma and the cute little baby boy. The doctors were still trying to get him stable until we left.