Big surprise

Last week, when I first met Sila, she and her mom grew close to my heart. Her mother sent me pictures over the weekend and told me that Sila was doing really well after her surgery at Sheba Hospital, but it was a big surprise when I heard today that she will be discharged!

At first I thought the doctors were talking about a discharge in a few days, but her overjoyed mother told me she can go home today. It was such a pleasant surprise to see her mother so happy and seeing that Sila is doing so well. Throughout the day I witnessed the joy of a whole family over their youngest member, now healthy and they can now be reunited. During their time here, the doctors really liked Sila and her mom because she was recovering so well and her mom took really good care of her. After some last tests, I was able to bring Sila to Erez Border Crossing, where we said goodbye until her echo in four weeks.

Thank God for what he did the last few days in Sila‘s life, and that he blessed her with so much strength and healing. Pray for her family and the time that is coming that they will have the endurance to care for her and that she will grow into a wonderful little girl.