Bittersweet Farewell

I was very pleased when I saw on the schedule that I am going to take Ozhen and his lovely mother to the airport. The little one has a very special place in my heart as he was the first child I grew close to since arriving at Shevet. Even though he is often a bit moody, I love his character. Especially because he likes music as much as I do (something that we could see again at the airport today).

When we arrived there this afternoon, we had to wait in a long line for the security check. Suddenly a group of people with costumes started to dance to their music and of course Ozhen joined in by clapping and stamping and shouting.

He looked just so adorable wearing the new outfit we gave him yesterday during his farewell party. What I really love about his story at Shevet is his recovery. He stood up in his bed less than 24 hours after his surgery which is indeed a miracle.

Of course I am relieved and thankful that almost everything went quickly and easy for Ozhen and that he can leave Shevet early but at the same time I’m so sad as I would’ve loved to spend more time with him. Praise God that Ozhen will probably not need any more surgeries in the future!