Bittersweet farewell

Early this morning, Neena traveled from Jerusalem to the hospital for her last echocardiogram prior to returning to Kurdistan! Her mom shared how much she loved Jerusalem. I have dearly missed Neena’s smile while she and her mum were staying in the Jerusalem Guest House this past week. It was a sweet reunion today at the hospital. The doctor was pleased with her echocardiogram, and was confident in sending her home to be reunited with her family. I could see the joy in her mother’s eyes as she learned that she could finally return home and that Neena was responding well to the surgery.

Neena will need to return at around the age of three years.  We joyfully await for her return. It is a bittersweet farewell, as we all dearly love Neena, but we are happy for her to be reunited with her family. While we wait for her return, we pray that she will flourish and grow in love, and with the love of Christ.