Blessed and returning to Gaza

Alaa was discharged from the hospital today, just a week after his big surgery. He is still taking many medicines to help with his recovery, but is feeling good!. He will return for a check-up in one week’s time, and he preferred for this time to return to Gaza, as he has a young son at home whom he is missing greatly.

Alaa had to wait a while for another patient to be cleared to return to Gaza also, Mohammed, who is a little older than Alaa’s son. By the time we collected Alaa, he was already waiting outside of the hospital with his bags.

On the way, we stopped off at our home in Jaffa, where Amar, our Gaza patient coordinator, was able to wave him off on his way.

Alaa returned home via the Erez border with the new friend, little Mohammed. We know it won’t be long now before he is reunited with his own family, with a grateful heart for this successful surgery! He said that he feels fantastic!

Thank you for all your prayers for Alaa!