Blessed encounters

Today little Jude came from Gaza for a plastics check-up. He is looking very well, and his shoulder wound has healed up nicely. The doctors removed his stitches in about five minutes, and then sent us on our way. Though the appointment itself didn’t take very long,  it was very difficult to get to the appointment.

Jude’s mother and I went to the plastics department on the seventh floor of one building, only to be told that the right department was on the seventh floor of a completely different building.

Thank God, He sent an Arab woman who also spoke Hebrew and English to show us the way – it was quite complicated. Once we arrived at the right clinic, I went up to the secretaries to ask if they could tell me where Jude’s appointment was.  Unfortunately, neither of the secretaries spoke English. But thank God, yet again He sent someone to help. This time it was a kippa-wearing young Jewish man, who offered to translate. It took a long time for the secretaries to understand about Shevet Achim, but finally they sent us to the right doctor.

When the short appointment was over, I realized I didn’t know the way back. Fortunately, yet again, God provided a Jewish lady to set us in the right direction. Praise God! And we are also thankful that Jude’s shoulder is looking good.

Please pray that his echo tomorrow will go just as well.