Blood Test and Echo

It was such a pleasure to accompany smiley Zhya and his joyful mum to Sheba today.

Zhya needed a blood test and an echo. For Zhya blood tests are very stressful as his veins are difficult to locate. Today Zhya needed extra support from the team in the ER in order for his blood test to be carried out. After a lot of poking and prodding and screaming, the doctors were able to find a vein in the palm of Zhya’s hand.

Zhya’s mother was so wonderful with him throughout the experience which for any mother to witness must be traumatic.

We then had quite a wait until Zhya’s echo but this gave Zhya a good amount of time to calm down and to play. It was also great in enabling Zhya’s mother and I some time to talk and share with each other. Zhya is the youngest of 6 children. His oldest brother works in translation from Kurdish to English and we were able to talk on video chat for a while. Zhya’s mum is dreaming about his return party where she wants there to be traditional Kurdish dress and dancing.

Praise God, Zhya’s echo looked good and the doctor said that at the time of his next echo in 2 weeks from now, it is very likely that Zhya will be able to return home to Kurdistan.

We really are so thankful to God for stepping in and making a way for Zhya, his life is such a gift.