Blood test reveals inflammatory markers

Aurfa was on the verge of being discharged from Sheba hospital when her blood test results showed inflammatory markers, which are a signal that there is an infection somewhere in her body.

Clinically Aurfa looks very good. Fluid build-up in her lungs is being treated with medicine and her echo looks great. But in her lung x-ray, there is evidence of pneumonia. Also before she is released, a surgeon must review the scar of her surgery site.

Aurfa is receiving antibiotics and we pray she will be improving enough to come to our community home in Jaffa next week. Aurfa has a very fun personality and she continues to be her wonderful self in the midst of treatment in the hospital. Her mum is truly lovely even though she is very stressed for her girl.

Please pray for her mum as well, for peace of mind and to not be overwhelmed, but to be strong of heart.