Bone fractures causing new concerns

An X-ray was ordered for Somaia yesterday at Sheba Hospital. The doctors discovered from the X-ray reading, that Somaia has two fractures in her right leg. A previous test done a month ago, was to understand why Somaia‚Äôs bones are weak. Today’s X-ray was to determine Somaia’s progress, if there were any.

All the staff love Somaia and invest much effort in the care of her. They provided a little speaker with classical music and put it in her room.

Somaia’s doctor would like to extubate her, but that could take weeks or even months. For a baby like her to be in the ICU for that length of time could present risks, such as contracting a virus or infection.

Please pray for her protection during the length of her stay in the ICU and for answers concerning bone weakness.