Book a private jet for her

“Book a private jet for her and the other Kurdish children that are ready to return back to Kurdistan!” That’s what one of the very friendly doctors at Sheba Medical Center said today.

We were at Sheba because Shireen needed to come back to the hospital today for another Echo to see if she is still recovering well. Our little “Shirousch” (what we call her with love) was not very calm during the Echo and was crying. But her friendly mother was right by her side and managed to calm her down at least a little bit.

The Echo showed that Shireen is recovering ever so well that she can return to Kurdistan. Sadly, there isn’t passage as yet due to the current situation in Israel which has closed down its airports for another two weeks. Hence, the Doctor recommended to book a private jet, being funny of course.

Shireen needs another follow-up appointment in two weeks, but she could have done it back in Kurdistan as well. Looks like she has to do it here. For us, this means we still haveĀ  time together with Shireen and her mom and some of the other Kurdish families also waiting to return.

While this is a bonus for us, we also want them to be reunited with their families just as soon as possible. So please pray for them.