Bouncing, not blue

Our sweet Kenan, who went to Sheba Hospital’s ER on Monday night with low oxygen, is feeling much better today.

When I came in to visit him and his mother, he was pulling himself up to stand at the side of his hospital crib, and played a lively game of “I throw, you fetch,” with his mother.

He would throw a toy down to the ground, then his mother would give it back to him – again and again and again. I blew up one of the hospital gloves for him to play with, and he was also very excited about that. He tried very hard to pop it.

It’s hard to believe that this lively boy was rushed to the hospital with low oxygen just two days ago, and that even now his oxygen is only 75%. However, that is the way it is – and he needs his next surgery as soon as possible. Fortunately, he is first in line for surgery tomorrow morning. His mother is very worried about his surgery.

Please pray that all will go well, that God will guide the doctors’ hands and keep little Kenan safe. Please pray that God will be with Kenan’s mother, to comfort and strengthen her as she worries about his surgery.