Brave Girl

To be honest, it wasn’t a nice experience to visit Lana today. I commiserate with her so much. After her second surgery, she had been extubated yesterday in the afternoon. The nurse said she is doing well but she needs time now to recover. I couldn’t tell who looked more exhausted: Lana or her mum.

As Milly and I were standing next to Lana’s bed we prayed for her. Meanwhile the line of a song came to my mind: “Oh, your mercy rushing through me. Oh, how beautiful, how beautiful…”. I sang it quietly, praying for healing over Lana’s body. I smiled at her but she didn’t have the strength to return the smile. She just gazed at me, having no emotion on her face. Suddenly Lana asked her mum with a weak voice if she could sit up a little bit and then she vomited (The mum had given her some water to drink too early on).

Lana’s mum was very worried asking us many questions. Such as “Why does my daughter has these three chest tubes?” (they are completely normal, every child needs them after surgery). She showed us some videos she made yesterday of Lana being in pain, moving her head back and forth, whining something incomprehensible. Thank you God, that Lana and her mum don’t have to go through this alone, because you are with them! Please pray for Lana to recover quickly and for her mum to have peace and be patiently.