Brave Girl

Written by Adrienne

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world…”

The words and melody from childhood Sunday school class move through my memory as we set out on a visit to a special hospital that is thousands of miles from my own home.

I am not going with my own little one, though I have sat and waited like the mama sitting across from me in the waiting area. She cradles her little girl, ignoring her own discomfort in the rigid hospital chairs, and she repeatedly attempts to make her child feel more at ease.

The child is sweet Gashbin, just 10 days out from heart surgery. They are awaiting a post-operative visit and blood work. Though the discomfort of healing is still very much a part of her reality, the angst of having her blood drawn again seems to be the overwhelming reason for her tears. My own memories and emotions bubble to the surface and threaten to spill over.

She is temporarily distracted by the thought of being able to relax in the special playground area once her blood work is done. Her mother and the Shevet team of Margaret, Colin and I cheer her on, taking advantage of the smile and the hope that temporarily illuminates her face.

We pray for hands that are carefully guided, and God answers with a resounding “Yes!” With barely a cry, brave Gashbin marches back out of the room and proudly displays her shiny, metallic, winner’s ribbon sticker that has been affixed to her shirt. Such bravery is to be greatly commended!

All smiles now, we visit that much-anticipated playground….and the music room….and the snack bar…..and the train where we order imaginary pizza and ice cream……and finally, the curious outdoor play area complete with an oversized sculpture of a nose that doubles as a sliding board. (She spied it from an upstairs window, and we made it a mission to find it!)

What an honor, privilege and inspiration it was to be part of their day.

Please continue to pray for this incredibly brave young lady who will go back within the next week for a follow-up echocardiogram—and for her courageous hospital warrior mama.