Brave little Joud’s cath tomorrow

This morning co-worker Georgia and I had the pleasure of picking up little Joud and her mum from the Gaza Strip border crossing. I was very happy to greet this cute little girl and her lovely mother at the entrance, and that they recognized me. Both of them are very lovely.

Joud had to come to the hospital today because her cath is scheduled for tomorrow. When we arrived at the hospital she had an Echo and an ECG. During that time, Joud was a little bit afraid, but her loving mother was with her all the time and managed to calm her down.After the Echo, a Corona Test was done as well. Then they had to wait until their room was ready.

God is always with us but in the last weeks and days, I experienced His presense again in many situations and during the tasks that I have had to do. It was the same today. He was with Joud and Joud’s mum and with me as we found our way to the correct hospital room. A blood test was also required from brave little Joud, she was crying a lot for that. She was very frightened, but her mother was by her side the whole time.

After the blood test, I brought them into their room. I took a picture of  Joud and said goodbye. Please join us in prayer tomorrow for Joud’s catheterization procedure. May God bless the doctors and nurses surrounding her.