Breakthrough – Praise God

It was such a joy today to visit Wareen and her father. When in asked dad how he was he gave 3 positive adjectives like “cool, good, well” and I knew in that moment something had changed.

The doctor shared that Wareen is doing well and the liquid in her lungs is almost gone. She will have a chest xray tomorrow and if this is good it is likely that she will return home to Shevet after a 2 month inpatient stay. This is such beautiful timing as little Wareen turns 1 in just a few days time.

It was lovely to have Millie visiting with is today. Her husband John-Mark had prayed with Wareen and her father just before they came to Israel and it was lovely to see how God has used his children around the world to plant seeds into the hearts of those who do not yet k know Him.

Please pray that Wareen’s x-ray goes well tomorrow and that we as a community can love this family generously as they return home.