Breathe, breathe, breathe

When I entered the ICU today and looked into Somaia’s room I saw surprisingly that she is extubated. So, I talked to a doctor who explained Somaia’s situation to me very frankly.

“Sometimes you have to give a child a chance, just by herself and see how she is doing.” In this, the doctor wasn’t very optimistic, but wanted to give it a chance. To keep Somaia intubated for so long has its costs. Her muscles are very weak and she already failed once after a previous extubation.

Ten minutes after today’s extubation, Somaia seemed to be okay, but we will see how she will improve in the next hours. If she fails again, the doctors will consider a tracheostomy for Somaia. Also, Somaia still has a lot of fluid in her chest. The doctors don’t know why yet.

I stood a while at Somaia’s bed to pray for her and talk with her. I could hear her breathing, trying to get enough air.

Please pray a lot for Somaia. She needs it right now to be able to breathe on her own. For now she still gets help by oxygen support.