Breathing easy

Having endured more than seven pairs of intubation/extubation procedures, Majed has finally received the tracheostomy that the team at Hadassah Hospital wanted to avoid and tried every possible other procedure to help Majed breathe more easily, but became necessary in the end. Majed is now in post-surgery mode and sedated.

Regular suction is needed at the tracheostomy site and his mother seems somewhat depressed to see the site. She will have to learn the cleaning and maintaining process for this condition before going back to her home and family with her baby boy.

Also, it was mentioned that perhaps little Majed would like to go for a stroll in the sunshine. He’s been in hospital for so long. But now we are told he is not allowed to sit in the newly-purchased stroller because he has a strong bacteria (MRSA) contamination that could infect other babies who would potentially also sit in the stroller.

Please pray for his fast recovery at last and for a long-awaited discharge.