Breathing on her own…little by little

Today I was able to visit Somaia and her lovely mother at Sheba Hospital. Somaia was sleeping when I first entered her room.

After a few minutes, a doctor came in and removed her ventilation tube. Somaia woke up then, and she wasn’t very happy. The doctor told me that they’ve been giving Somaia some time off of the ventilator every day, and that hopefully with practice, she’ll be able to go longer and longer each time without ventilator support. Today she was off the ventilator for 40 minutes, and did quite well.

She’s also making progress in eating, and her mom was allowed to give her some small bites of jelly. God willing, someday Somaia will be able to eat solid food on her own. We have also noticed for some time now that Somaia’s eyes aren’t focusing correctly and are a bit crossed. Her mother told me that she needs to see an eye doctor sometime in the next days.

It was bittersweet today to say goodbye to Somaia’s mother, since I’m going home tomorrow and most likely won’t see her again. Somaia’s mother and I have had some good conversations, and today she and I were talking about prayer. She told me how Muslims wash their hands and face with water before praying. I responded by telling her about how Christians don’t have to do that because we are already washed by the blood of the Messiah. She was very curious about that, and asked several insightful questions.

Praise God that Somaia is doing so well, and for her mother’s interest in spiritual things. Please also be praying that some solution can be found for Somaia’s eye focus.