Bright-eyed and thriving

Saif was bright-eyed and content, but hungrily sucking on his fingers today when I arrived to his room at Sheba Medical Center.  His mom was attentive at his bedside, as usual.

It is obvious that Saif has been growing and thriving these past few weeks— his feeding issues seem to be a thing of the past. This was evident as well in his weight today – a whopping 3.29 kg!

As he has been stable and gaining weight recently, his mom was given some good news. The doctors are considering removing the tracheostomy tube next week!

This would be a huge answer to prayer, as it would simplify his care and make it much safer for Saif to return to Gaza with his family.

Please pray with us that Saif will tolerate this decannulation procedure, that his airway will remain open, and his ever-optimistic mother will see the healing hand of God in this situation.