Bronchoscopy and extubated same day

One of the nurses of the pediatric ICU at Sheba hospital, spoke to Aurfa’s mother. The nurse said their ENT doctors would perform a bronchoscopy on Aurfa today to see if there was a problem such as stenosis, or vocal chord paralysis in her throat.

Aurfa has remained intubated this last week after her surgery, and what was especially hard for her mother was that when they tried to extubate her, she needed to be re-intubated due to breathing difficulties.

I went to be with Aurfa’s mum for this quick procedure today, and when we went to check if doctors were done, not only had they finished, but Aurfa was successfully extubated! They had done this in the same time frame as the bronchoscopy.

In even better news, the doctor saw no signs of any damage to her throat. Her mum cried tears of joy and we hugged after I had the privilege of telling her this beautiful news. We are so, so happy for this wonderful family.

Please continue to pray for Aurfa as she recovers. Today was definitely a good day for both of them.