Bronchoscopy done today

Mohaned underwent a bronchoscopy at Sheba hospital to help in the treatment of an existing chronic pulmonary disorder. The procedure was quite short. Mohaned’s mother said she knew this procedure wouldn’t turn into anything big like an open-heart surgery, nonetheless she was anxious when the doctors started the bronchoscopy and she had to leave the room.

When they came for a cath two weeks ago, Mohaned’s mother thought she would be returning home in a matter of days, but Mohaned has stayed in the hospital because of the complex issues with his lungs.

As we’ve all written before, Mohaned’s mom is one incredible lady; she’s competent, confident, and caring. She is like a sister to many of us, and of course Mohaned is our ‘schlingel’ (German for rascal).

After the procedure, he was at it again, looking for things to play with like a small foam ball and at one point his inhaler. He is so precious; I can’t help but think of the long months when he was a newborn, and all of the work required to keep him alive even after he left the hospital. Now he is almost walking! His face, while older, is still reminiscent of the small baby who loved being held.

He still needs much care for his heart and lungs, and it is always a joy to do it. Please continue to pray for his life. Mohaned is so very loved.