Bubbles of Hope

Today can only be described as a bit of a whirlwind for Gabi. After fluctuating oxygen saturations this morning, we decided that he really needed to be in hospital. This was an emotional trip for everyone involved. At less than 2 years old, Gabi has been thrown into a strange place with strange people, rushed from the airport to the hospital, back to Shevet Achim, and now to hospital.

The emergency room visit was accompanied by many tears; Gabi, his Dad and our Shevet community feel the pain of what he is going through in this dark time.

Yet the evidence of God at work is visible even here. We see bubbles of hope, just like the bubbles Colin and Moshe blew to attempt bring calm into the chaos of the emergency room. At last only his father could comfort him. He was seen by a cardiologist, who cares for Shevet Achim children- this made the admission quicker and less stressful. God’s grace placed him here at just the right time.

The love of Gabi’s dad for his son is another sign of God at work. His deep concern and affection is evident, mirroring the love our heavenly father has for us. We can be thankful that even in the dark moments, God is here, he cares and he is at work.

Pray for Gabi and his dad in the coming days. Pray that the medical staff have wisdom in treating him and that everyone involved knows God’s peace that is above our understanding.

Written by: Ruth and Colin