Building strength

After some back and forth at Sheba Hospital regarding Eva’s operation to expand her pulmonary being on Wednesday or Thursday, today we got the definitive answer that it will be tomorrow, on Wednesday. Eva’s mother is worried to say the least, but she does not stand alone in that, and even now we are seeing Eva being strengthened and prepared.

She greeted my arrival and my coworker’s with a big old smile, and was happily playing with us, giggling, hitting me in the face, and staring in wonder at the visiting hospital clown, who had many tricks ranging from music to bubbles. Despite having low-oxygen and complex heart issues, Eva was still happy, energetic, and playful, getting an arm-workout by slapping me in the face with a balloon.

Eva has a habit of defying doctors.  When they told her parents, “she is medically dead,” Eva came back to life. When they said, “she will not be able to last without oxygen-support,” she went off oxygen-support less than two weeks after they said this, and has stayed off since. Recently the doctor told Eva’s mother that despite the success of the surgery, Eva will still have limitations from her heart, and added she wouldn’t be able to be an Olympic runner for example, so it seems Eva’s fate is sealed now too, that she will grow up to be an Olympic runner. Truly though, Eva is a strong strong baby, recovering and coming back from each trial and set-back, and God continues to bless her to grow in strength, not just creating a strong girl and leaving her to sustain herself, but remaking and lifting her up every day.

We are praying to see Eva’s surgery succesful, to not see hardship and anxiety as the fruit, but rather rejoicing and peace. Eva is a strong baby, empowered by the Spirit of God, represented by Jesus the Son of God, and perfectly cared for by God the Father, and we have faith that in this perfect unity, Eva will be cared for better than we could even imagine.