Busy day

Today was such a busy day for little Kenan. When we picked him up at Erez crossing he was so happy to see me and smiled until he realised that he had to sit in a car seat. After that realisation he was a little bit mad at me but that ended soon when we arrived at Sheba hospital for his neurology checkup, echocardiogram and some genetic testing.

During all those appointments Kenan was always patient and tried his best not to be scared too much. His wonderful mother calmed him down a lot and made the day easier for everyone involved. In the neurology checkup, his doctor told us that there is still a little bit of blood in his brain but we shouldn’t be concerned about it. He didn’t have any epileptic seizures in the last couple weeks so he doesn’t need to take a few of his medications anymore. At the echo his doctor could confirm that he doesn’t need a catheterisation or further cardiac treatment before his next follow up appointment in four months.

Throughout this long day Kenan was always so sweet and although he cried every now and then, we had a lovely time with him and his mother.  We pray for their safety back in Gaza and for Kenan’s overall health.