Busy day for a popular boy

Sulaiman attended his CT scan this morning at Sheba hospital. He and his mother seem to attract attention wherever they go, and today within the first five minutes of arriving at the CT scan area, an Israeli lady greeted them, and asked where they were from.

She spoke in Arabic, saying she thought it necessary to know Arabic as someone living in Israel. She was so touched to hear that Sulaiman and his mother had come all the way from Iraq for a life-saving heart surgery in Israel, which they are unable to access in their own country. Sulaiman’s new friend teared up as she expressed how happy she was to hear that her country is extending its privileges of world class health care, to children like Sulaiman.

Sulaiman was extremely happy to be meeting new people of course. He has such an adorable smile and makes very cute noises.

Sulaiman was upset by the process of having the cannula placed for the CT scan, and he was not able to have any milk to help him calm down, as he was fasting. Soon he slept with the sedation, and the CT scan was over with very quickly.

After some time spent waking from the sedation, during which time Sulaiman acquired another admirer, he had an echo. His mother felt unwell at this stage, and so one of the kind echo technicians held Sulaiman’s hands and gave him milk during the echo so that his mother didn’t need to stand up for the duration of the echo.

Sulaiman later had a corona test, and ultrasound, all of which were to prepare him for his surgery, which is potentially going to be on Thursday this week. As Sulaiman’s mother says, “Allah Kareem.”

Thank God for His best plans for little Sulaiman.