Bye bye hospital

Today I couldn’t find our cute Lia in her bed and also the lovely grandmother wasn’t in her room. Maybe they walked home to Gaza I joked in my mind. A little later, I met a very happy grandmother and even a beautiful smiling baby girl. One of the first things the grandma said to me was, “Maybe we are allowed to go home today!” And praise God, after waiting one hour it was also confirmed by the doctor that they could go home.

Then the gentle doctor carefully gave last instructions about the medicines and how to do the medical care at home in Gaza. The grandmother had to repeat everything. One of the nurses just explained to me: “Did you know that there is no medical care in Gaza as we have it here? This is why we have to explain care to them in every detail. They need to do everything by themself since they don’t get this support in Gaza. It is a huge responsibility…”

I knew about this situation in Gaza but I didn’t realize yet what it really means for the families and especially our little patients! Praise the Lord, that he goes with them to Gaza and he also keeps an eye on our little Lia even if there are rarely doctors who care for her! HE pulls the strings.