Bye Bye Israel

Today, only ten days after she got discharged from her big open heart surgery, Lewan and her mom already boarded a plane back to Kurdistan.

Lewan is all excited to go back home to her family, her friends and to school. Yesterday evening during her farewell party Lewan’s mom shared with us that Lewan is the best in her class and that she wants to become a doctor later, maybe even a cardiologist.

And truly we could see that in Lewan. She is such a smart girl, always happy to practice her English with us or to learn new games. From the beginning on she told us that she hopes that she can go home soon again because the school in Kurdistan starts in September and she doesn’t want to miss a lot and so we are very glad to send her home healed now.

We will miss our good friend and her mother a lot as they were both becoming like sisters to us, but we are happy to have the possibility to stay in touch with them. Just an hour ago Lewan sent me a beautiful selfie of her at the airport in Amman.

Thank you God for the time that we could spend here together with our sisters! Thank you for the successful surgery that Lewan had and that she is fine to fly home now! Please bless their time back home and keep them safe!