Bye, Sweet Dima

Saying goodbye always has been one of the most difficult situations for me. Tomorrow will be my turn to say goodbye to our beautiful community, but today was the turn to say us goodbye to our beautiful Dima. She is a smart, sweet, active and an amazing girl. Today was a combination of sadness and happiness for us and for mom. Praise the Lord she will return to home with her gastrostomy hole closed, which was the reason why she came here, but  she could not get any hearing aids here and her mom was really sad because she really wished for the best for our beautiful Dima, and so do we. I really hope that she can get all that she needs in Kurdistan. The doctor here sent a letter with her condition and the procedures that she needs. But I am sure that God has everything in control and he has the best for Dima.

Today very early in the morning we took mom, Dima and Shakar’s mom to Jerusalem, we went to some special places  there, and they really enjoyed it a lot. In the Garden Tomb we prayed for Dima’s ears to be healed, and we believe that nothing, nothing is impossible for God. Later, we had a beautiful lunch, Dima was really happy eating falafel and fries and also she tried to feed mom. Dima is so so sweet. We enjoyed Jerusalem a lot, in all of the time there she didn’t sleep, she felt asleep in the car in our way to our home.

In the afternoon we arrived home, and they finished packing and we prayed for them and we went to the airport. Dima cried a lot in the car, so I tried to calm down to her, but the only thing that worked was when i made funny faces and played with my hands, she was laughing. Finally we arrived to the airport, they asked a lot of questions to mom, however the staff were so friendly with us, praise the Lord our translator was with us, he was able to translate for them and for mom.

Dima was running around of the airport playing with me, trying to dance ballet and giving us a lot of her beautiful smiles. Finally arrived the moment to say goodbye!. It was sad, but the beautiful part was when mom said to me “I love you” in Kurdish and our beautiful Dima with her hands send me  kisses and bye bye. Please pray for good and safe flight to come back home and also for a complete healing in Dima’s life. And hope in her families that God is going to continue working in this beautiful life.