Cancelled Catheterisation

Nvin and her mum were up early this morning, ready for a day of assessment at the hospital, before being admitted for a catheterisation tomorrow.

Nvin coped very nicely with an ECG, and the majority of an echo. The radiographer was very special, and sang to Nvin throughout the echo, which really grasped her attention and kept her calm… Until the very end and Nvin had had enough, and she started to cry until she fell asleep!

The good news for Nvin today, as explained by the cardiologist, is that although her pulmonary valve is small and appearing abnormal, she is hopeful that the catheterisation would be able to insert a balloon to dilate it, and so create more blood flow. They also will be able to look at the aorta and see if a surgery needs to be done.

Unfortunately, Nvin’s cath had to be postponed, as there is no bed available for her.
Nvin is extremely popular with everyone she meets, as she is so adorable with her gingery hair and blue eyes. Please pray for her time here in Israel, for the blessing of God over the timings of the interventions for Nvin.