Caring for Marya

I went today with a few volunteers to Sheba hospital. In my care was dear Marya, who is 4 months old, and her mum. Marya came for a blood test and she only gave one small whimper then was fine. Afterwards I had the privilege of wheeling Marya in her buggy around the clinic area.  She gently fell asleep with a really peaceful look on her dear little face.

While waiting to go back to Shevet Achim, she awoke and it really touched my heart to see how happy she was in the buggy making gurgling noises and giving out heart melting smiles I played her nursey rhymes on my mobile and her little feet were tapping to the music.

It came to me how each baby child in Shevet Achim’s care is so precious to our heavenly Father. And I was so thankful for all Shevet does to constantly reach out to these dear ones in godly love and all the amazing Israeli doctors, surgeons, and nurses do to save these precious lives. Thank the Lord.