Caring for Sulaiman with excellence and kindness

Sulaiman’s mother returned to the hospital this morning after a night of rest in Jaffa, and on the way expressed her worries for her baby, and how she is finding it hard to bear these days, wondering and hoping for Sulaiman’s health. I was pleased to hear from her that she thinks very highly of two specific nurses and one specific doctor, all of whom speak Arabic and it sounds as though they have been taking care of her and Sulaiman with kindness.

The main Cardiologist today told us that she saw in Sulaiman’s echo that he is slightly better today, in terms of his heart function. Still he remains on ECMO, but it could be possible tomorrow to try again to wean him off of the ECMO and see how the heart copes. Still, there is a lot to be considered about his condition and anatomy, and thankfully he is in excellent hands with the medical team here.

His mother is hoping that tomorrow she might be able to go and pray for him at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. We will know more in the morning after the doctors meet together, whether it’s a suitable day for her to be leaving him. She is very devoted to him, and it is hard to see her unable to really rest, missing holding him, and worrying for his health.

Please keep praying for him.