Caring for the Little Things

We entered Hadassah Hospital without knowing for sure in which room little Mohammed had to stay. Although Mohammed had spent a few days back at Shevet he had to revisit Hadassah due to an infection. After we visited Hassan we had no idea where we should go. But instead of wasting a lot of time in searching Mohammed’s room, God sent us the guidance of an incredibly kind and open nurse and “Alena Maps” via FaceTime (calling Alena to give us directions).

The reason for our visit was Mohammed’s discharge. The first impression I got of Mohammed and his mom was a very tired mom and a moody child. During a conversation with Mohammed’s mom, we found out that the hospital scheduled an appointment for Mohammed on the following day. Due to that Mohammed and his mom would have to travel one hour to Tel Aviv and come back to Jerusalem the next morning. This long drive made Mohammed’s mom very sick and she asked if she could stay in Jerusalem another night. Her exhaustion was clear to see. So we asked the doctor if there was any possibility for Mohammed and his mom to stay. In this doctor we found an Angel that started calling every person that could make a stay possible.

Still this meant a long period of waiting for us. During this time we tried to play with Mohammed, whose mood started changing and his face turned from crying to a big wide smile. Especially as he encountered Georgia’s hair tie. And maybe we were also able to provide a little bit of God’s caring to Mohammed’s mom. While we were playing with Mohammed she fell asleep and was able to take a nap and to gain new strength. In the end the doctor was able to get a room for Mohammed and his mom so they didn’t have to take on the long ride.

God’s guidance and provision was visible in helping us to find the right room and the good encounters with the nurses and doctors and also in providing a nap for Mohammed’s mom and giving her a room where she could spent the night. God knows the little things we need and he loves to take care of those too