Cath and bleeding leg

Little Somaia went today into a long cath at Sheba Hospital to open up an artery which was clogged. This is much better now than before.

When she was back in her room, I saw a lot of doctors and nurses in there because her leg bleeding heavily. One nurse had to push the leg at this place because it wouldn’t stop. When we left the hospital, Somaia was still bleeding.

Today, coworker Frank and I also took measures for trying to get Somaia’s dad to the hospital. Somaia’s grandmother is very tired of all the weeks in the hospital and just wants to go home, so she asked for a replacement.

I really could see this grandmother’s pain. Especially because another child, little Adam, died in the hospital today, and Somaia’s grandmother has come to know these mothers and relatives in hospital and feels their sadness, especially the sadness of Adam’s aunt. In the end, she also hugged me tightly.

Please pray for Somaia’s grandmother. Because of the death of Adam, there is much more tension in the air. Especially because also Somaia is not doing very well. This child and grandmother need our prayers.