Cath Day

I was very happy to spend time with Mom while we were waiting for Nyaz’s cath, but when I arrived to the hospital Nyaz was in her room and had already had her cath. It was very early in the morning. Our sweet Nyaz was sleeping, but when her mom saw me, she gave me a big hug. She was very happy that Nyaz had a successful cath.

In the beginning we were a little worried, because her leg was a little cold – red and white looking – but they used heat therapy and the doctor checked her. After around 30 minutes her leg was normal. Thank the Lord. The doctor explained to us that her cath was good, and her lung pressure is fine, but her right ventricle is too small, so the doctors need to think if they can make only one ventricle or one and a half. Praise to the Lord mom can speak Arabic, so she could understand.

After that, Nyaz awoke and cried but the doctor told us she could drink milk, so she was very happy drinking her milk. After that she was happy in the bed moving and smiling with us. And also mom and I drank tea together, and I prayed for them.

Please pray for wisdom for the hospital team for the best plan for Nyaz and an open schedule for her.