Cath Day

Today, Musa had his catheterization, and praise God it was successful! His father was very calm and steady as we waited for Musa’s cath to finish. When they brought him to his room from the cath lab, his dad was eager to see him regain consciousness. There were four blood vessels the doctor wanted to close to stop from contributing to the mass on his lung, so the operation did what it was supposed to do, but in the cath they saw there were other blood vessels contributing to this mass as well, so they aren’t sure of he will need another cath or maybe a surgery. But first they want to see how he does without oxygen, and moniter him. Please pray for reassurance for Musa and his father, that they will be at peace and rest after this long day. And please also pray for the doctors who work themselves to exhaustion for our kids. May they be rested and restored by God’s grace. And lastly, please pray for Musa’s family back in Kurdistan. Tara, a new volunteer who speaks Kurdish conversed with Musa’s dad as we waited, and he explained that sweet Musa misses his mother, and that Musa has four sisters, who all miss their father and brother. I am always struck by the fathers’, like Musa’s dad, who are so gentle and kind and patient, and selflessly devoted to their family. And if that is only a reflection of God’s character, who is the ultimate Father, then all of our prayers and petition we can trust are heard by Him and find their place in Him.