Cath done to open narrowed artery

At Sheba hospital today, after extubating Omar, his oxygen went down very low again and he was re-intubated. Doctors found the reason for this. At the site of the surgery where they connected one of the large vessels that brings blood into Omar’s heart, the pulmonary artery was narrowed.

A catheterization was performed in which doctors were able to open this area with a balloon. We pray this will be enough for Omar to be re-extubated and subsequently recover.

His amazing mother was there for her boy and by his side always. When coworker Teresa told Omar’s mother that this week God had protected her son, she replied ‘Amin.’

Since I learned that the word Amin is connected to the word for truth (in Hebrew), I’ve always been struck by its use in this context, in my mind it translates to “truly” it is an agreement of what God has done and yet also a prayer that He will continue to do it.